Thanks to Everyone for the Support - We Won!!!!

I wanted to take a minute to pass along the good news that there will be no Veterinary Service Tax in California this year! Thank to everyone's action this measure has been defeated. If any futher proposals come up regarding a tax or other laws that can…Read More

Thank you for the support!

I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who has joined up and taken action for the cause. All help is very much appreciated and hopefully our voices are heard. Please continue to spread the word. We are already at well over 200 supporters and…Read More

A quick phone call is all that is needed!

I made the call to the governor's office, it was very easy and took about a minute. All you need to do is call 916-445-2841. Select language, press "5" to leave opinion, press "1" to select Veterinary Tax Issue and then press "2" to oppose the proposal. It is…Read More
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