Hadassah Needs Your Help!

Hadassah Needs your Help! Dear Friends, As you may know, Hadassah has been affected by the Bernard Madoff scandal. Hadassah has lost 90 million dollars intended to sustain humanitarian causes in this unprecedented fraud. There has been no more of a vital…Read More


HELLO! It's been a while since we've made a push for donations for the initiative, but the year is quickly coming to an end, and we're not yet at our monetary goal! It's so easy to donate, if everyone in the cause could just donate $10, we'd be so close to…Read More


Due to the wonderful generosity of the Northeast Merchav Spring Convention body, we were able to successfully raise $465 for the initiative. Great job northeast! Let's keep it up!


facebook has a new competition in which the charity that has the most "new givers" at the end of 50 days wins $50,000. Whoever has the most new givers at the end of one day wins $1,000. WE NEED TO WIN THIS COMPETITION. To enter, join the NEW Hadassah…Read More


Hello members of the Hadassah Hospital Mother and Child center cause. Thank you all for joining this group, your support for the hospital and coexistence is truly admirable. I have two goals for this cause. As you busily work to win the Merchav Madness…Read More

Merchav Madness!!!

Hello members of the Hadassah Hospital Mother and Child Center Cause on Facebook! We are pleased to announce the "Hadassah Hopital Merchav Madness Competition!" The challenges are as follows: • Top Facebook donor (whichever merchav raises the most money…Read More
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