Finding and supporting creative alternatives to suicide.

I am not a stranger to the issues brought up here. Unfortunately, I have lost many people to suicide and known many people too ashamed to raise their voices as psychiatric survivors. It is with this
inspiration that I launch The Sent (a) Mental Memorial Project and the Mental (St)ealth Project. As The Names Project brought attention to AIDS or the National Organization of Womens' Clothesline Project documents violence against women -- the Sent (a) Mental and Mental (St)ealth Projects hope to bring visibility to mental health issues and draw much needed attention to the thousands of people lost within our community over the years due to overwhelming stigma and a lack of dialogue around these issues.

This is a standing invitation to send stories and pictures, etc to be included in this project -- about anyone that comes to mind or lives in your heart. In addition to pieces about those who have
successfully committed suicide, I am including another section for survivor stories. I want to hear about and from GLBTIQA people who have survived attempts as well as from those who have loved us. I feel it is important for all of us to be represented and heard. The silence around these issues is killing us. If this project can save just one life that will be good enough, but I believe we have the power to save many. It is up to us - because from where I sit - nobody else is doing it.

I welcome a variety of expressions. Examples might include: painting, drawings, poetry, stories, photos, music, or even just a name and dates. Please, send me anything you would like in whatever form you find easiest to express yourself in.

The Sent(a)Mental Project - A Memorial to GLBTIQA Suicides - is a collection of creative works - about, by, or for individuals or groups affected by suicide. Submissions collected on an ongoing basis please contact for submission guidelines.

Sent(a)Mental Studios – Youth Project provides open studio hours as well as one-on-one sessions with various Denver Metro at-risk youth, referred by various youth outreach organizations and schools. The projects starts with an “open hour” where artist/founder Dylan Scholinski discusses his life and art. Students then work with Dylan to create their own works ( ie: drawing, painting, writing, music, performances, zines, storytelling, etc. ) to express their own lives and stories; attempting to help those that are” falling through the cracks of the cracks “ and to help students reclaim their creative voices and find the power and pride in those voices in a safe and supportive space.

“I never knew I had art in me”
“Thank you, thank you, thank you”
“I'm sick of being someone else, gender and names and everything else aside… thank you for seeing me and helping me see myself”
- Youth Project Particpants -

The Mental (St)ealth Project is a collection of creative works by psychiatric survivors.

For more info about these and other projects contact Dylan www.sentamentalstudios.weebly.com
Sent(a)Mental Studios
PO Box 2537
Denver CO 80201

Sent(a)Mental Studios - Founder/Witness
Dylan Scholinski currently resides in DENVER CO and is a distinguished artist, author, and public speaker. Dylan has appeared on 20/20, Dateline and Today to discuss his experiences and has been featured in a variety of newspapers and magazines. Recently his award winning book (The Last Time I Wore a Dress: A Memoir - Penguin/Putnam) was listed in the Top 10 Must Reads in Out Magazines first Transgender Issue. Dylan is the founder/witness for the Sent(a)Mental Project : A Memorial to Suicide. He spends much of his time working in his studio, public speaking, creating zines - such as Freedom of Depression, Please Forgive Me For Judging You, Sent(a)Mental, 3 Hole Punch - and is a loyal Redsox and Cubs fan.