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We Need Your Help In Haiti


Dear Friends,

The people of La Gonâve, Haiti struggle with food sources for their families due to the unhealthy soil on the island and the prohibitive cost of staple foods like rice. and The M.A.D. Girls, Inc. are working with The Other Side Campaign to bring egg laying hens, coops, and training to 20 villages on the island to provide a sustainable source of protein.

Such a simple gift will change the lives of these Haitian families. Right now, most children get only 1 meal a day if they attend school, and may not eat at all if they don't. Each hen can lay 265 eggs a year - an ongoing and sustainable food source to supplement the vegetables the families are able to grow.

Right now, you can make this project a reality. We need to raise $5,000 in 31 days, and we can do it together. Like, share, donate - Get involved!

Just $10 provides 2 egg laying hens --->


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