Donation Day

Thank you everyone for joining my cause! Check out the new video I posted when you click on the REBUILD CHAPMAN cause!
I am working with Tony Frieze to get Chapman set up on Facebook as a non-profit beneficiary. When that is finalized, I am planning on having a "Donation Day" once a month where I will ask everyone to try to make a donation on the same day! Right now I am looking at February 11th for the first Donation Day, which would be exactly 8 months from when the tornado hit. Please keep inviting people and lets see if we can have 200 total donors on February 11th. Each month I am planning a "Donation Day" and see if we can continue to increase the total number of donors. My goal is to raise $100,000 by August 2009. I can't do this alone, all of you are crucial to reaching this goal. It may take longer than several months but I believe it is obtainable!! The facebook community is the best! I know times are tight and not everyone can donate so if you can't just keep inviting people to join the cause!

Thank you all again!


Kathrine Harden

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