Back to EC Teacher from Kokstad faces animal cruelty charges after dragging his dog for 1.5km

Director of Public Prosecutions - DPP

I just want to let you know that the case is as yet, not dead in the water. The docket is still with the Director of Public Prosecutions. I followed up with it again yesterday with the Senior Public Prosecutor and she has placed an 'urgent' reminder on the case.

For those not aware - we did win the case in court, but the sentence that was handed down was in our view, pitiful. He was given a R3000-00 fine or 18 months imprisonment, half suspended for 5 years. Effectively letting him off with a R1500-00 fine and a criminal record. We felt that justice was not served so we requested an appeal on the sentence to the DPP.

I will let you know when I hear any more about the appeal.

Thank you once again for the magic support that you have given the cause!


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