Back to EC Teacher from Kokstad faces animal cruelty charges after dragging his dog for 1.5km

(Murphy the unfortunate dog)

If there is one thing that makes me angry beyond reason, it is INJUSTICE, like this guy. HOW the hell can they let this sick individual get back on the streets to hurt other animals again? He should be put away for his crime where he can live to regret it every waking moment! There is no real justice for what he did, but at least it will spare other animal the pain, but poor Murphy (his dog) wasn’t so lucky…..

I want us to join hands in the fight against animal abuse, everyone else seems too scared to really FIGHT and SPEAK for those who can’t speak OR defend themselves. Well, I’m NOT afraid to speak up for the cause I so strongly believe in.

Sure, people are quick to ‘join’ but they get scared when things get ‘tough’ so they get going!

Let us analyze the word “humane”:

Humane in early use meant civil, courteous or obliging towards humans and animals. In modern times it is characterized by sympathy with or consideration, compassion suffering and benevolence for others, especially for the or distressed.

That man who dragged his poor, defenceless dog, Murphy, behind his vehicle for 1.5km was everything BUT humane. He went to court and they let him GO with a fine of ONLY R 1500! Where is the JUSTICE in that??? Murphy (the dog) is scared for life and the owner gets a fine of R 1500 and walks……. This is unforgivable and just goes to show that animals STILL don’t have a voice loud enough to speak FOR them.

Let’s change that by really speaking on behalf of them who can’t speak for themselves. I’m going to start a petition and i need YOUR help please, they are going to appeal the outcome of the verdict and i want to get as many names as possible to send in email form to that court to show them that there ARE people out there who DO care about justice! We want him to go to jail and serve a sentence, the longest the law will allow in cases like this one.

Please post your comments and help me to bring this man to justice! PLEASE, and YES YOU CAN make a difference, so post your comments (with your names please) of support and let us make an example of him.

Thank you, i KNOW i can count on YOU!


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