Director of Public Prosecutions - DPP

I just want to let you know that the case is as yet, not dead in the water. The docket is still with the Director of Public Prosecutions. I followed up with it again yesterday with the Senior Public Prosecutor and she has placed an 'urgent' reminder on the…Read More

Please have a look at this - another dog has been dragged behind a vehicle. This time in Greece. What is happening to our humans. This is so heart breaking and they get off so light in court.

EC Teacher from Kokstad faces animal cruelty charges after dragging his dog for 1.5km

Hi to all cause members Let's keep on inviting our friends and keep our thumbs up - let's not loose hope. Douglas and his group has appealed against the sentence, let's hope and pray that they will give them a chance so that the case can be heard in the…Read More

(Murphy the unfortunate dog) If there is one thing that makes me angry beyond reason, it is INJUSTICE, like this guy. HOW the hell can they let this sick individual get back on the streets to hurt other animals again? He should be put away for his crime…Read More


If I told you that I was bitterly disappointed, would be an understatement that the depths of which you cannot imagine. Jezile was sentenced today in the Magistrates court of Kokstad and received the following: a R3000 fine or 18 months imprisonment, half…Read More


The accused pleaded guilty as expected, and as a result no actual trial took place. I took the stand to give mitigation for the aggravating circumstances and we then requested an imprisonment term of 3 years - which is far greater that that which the Animals…Read More

Court Today

The case took some suprising turns this afternoon... The defense has not taken a plea bargain, obviously not relying on the state to give a lenient bargain, which they were correct in their assumption! On Friday 10 July, they will make a plea directly to…Read More
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