E-mail from causes about offensive emails...

Hi there, If these members post offensive content on the wall, you may ban them. If they are simply sending threatening emails, please email me links to their profiles and we will take care of it. Cheers, David Causes Support

Nasty emails

Hi, by now most if not all of you would have received offensive emails from certain members in this cause. I am trying to find a way to block them and have written to causes to ask them how..as this can be done in groups. Please report the people and block…Read More

Israeli barcode - what to look for :)

When you shopping, if you feel bored (!) Look at the barcode - this tells you which country the item has come from. Israel's bar code is: 729 (GS1 Israel) http://www.gs1.org/productssolutions/barcodes/support/prefix_list.html
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