End-of-Year Update

Dear donors and supporters, As the 2009 Namibian school year comes to a close, Computers for Kavango is happy to announce that computer labs have been deployed to all 11 recipient schools in the Kavango Region. (Our 12th school, in the Caprivi Region, will…Read More

Congratulations to all of YOU!

It has been more than a month since many of you made your contributions to Computers for Kavango. Our appreciation has been flowing, however, I have been holding back some of the good news. I was waiting until it was officially official... We have done it!…Read More

Thanks for joining the cause

I know times are tough, and money is not something that any of my friends can simply throw around. I also know that if we can get a little help from a lot of people, we can make a big difference. So, please pass this information around to your friends or…Read More
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