In Memory of Bob Gibbs - Keeping Hope Alive in 2012

This has been a sad year for all of us due to the passing of our founder and friend, Bob Gibbs; yet a rewarding, exciting and wonderful tribute to him and his efforts to providing awareness of brain tumors, to funding cutting-edge research and travel…Read More

Miles for Hope - leading the Way Towards Personalized Cancer Treatments

This segment ran on Fox News LA last evening on the 10:00 news. Please share this with everyone you know. We are paving the way towards more personalized cancer treatments, and need your support to continue leading the way. All cancers are working on…Read More

We need your help!!

We just found out that someone was kind enough to enter Miles For Hope into the Chase Community Giving Challenge. The bad part, there are only 6 days left! If we end up in the top 200 we will receive a grant. I ask that each of you on our fan page vote daily…Read More

Moving Towards A Cure - Challenge To Clearwater

Many of you have wanted to attend our signature event in Clearwater, FL but couldn't afford the airfare, hotel etc for the event. Time to step up for a challenge. Start today until August 30, 2010, you can win airfare, hotel AND registration to the…Read More

Keep those votes coming!

Check out this new video we created to help spread the word about the Pepsi Challenge. after viewing the video, please share it on your status to get the word out. However, just watching the video doesn't count…Read More

Your Vote Counts!

Your vote counts for the Pepsi Challange. Please vote daily for Miles For Hope at Brain tumors do not receive the recognition and attention it needs. By posting our link for this pepsi challenge on your status, not only…Read More

We still need your votes

Please continue to vote for Miles For Hope for the $25,000 grant from Pepsi. We can only win with your help! We have moved up quite a bit in the past 4 days, and we thank you for that! We still have a way to go, but it's not impossible. We need to be one of…Read More
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