To Create a fully sustainable, Spiritual self-care research institute

The Center for Quantum Healing and Transformation is a rejuvenation center and mystery school located in Nicasio, California that has developed vital and needed service: a two week integrative rejuvenation program specialized for highly productive individuals to replenish and heal themselves. The most useful knowledge for healing the human body and mind from various ancient and modern traditions of the world are combined in the dynamic approach and application of our center. Guests will be diagnosed by the founder Jah Levi and put on a specialized program that includes a wide range of alternative medical care modalities, including but not limited to: chiropractic, green dentistry, homeopathy, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, ayurveda, nutritional counseling and supplementation, fasting, cleansing programs, the ceremonial use of plant medicines, yoga, subtle energy work and psychological and physical therapies. Our center works from the premise that the cure for all disease lies in its root cause. During the two-week rejuvenation process, the guests will also be brought through a curriculum developed by the most brilliant minds in science and quantum health which will provide them with the education needed to create their own sustainable program of making healthy lifestyle choices for the rest of their life. Our system of healing is one that is deeply scientific as well as spiritual in approach and application. It is not focused on any particular religion, but rather stems from a way of finding a closer alliance and alignment with the earth, nature, and all life.

1. To Build 2 eco-villages in the forest, and Rejuvination center on 23 acres of Redwood forest.

2. To be self sustaianable, and fully off-the-grid.

3. To provide a place for safe and comfortable living and learning