Feed the hungry in Israel

Meir Panim was established with the intent of mending the rifts in Israeli society. Kindness and assisting others is the mitzvah that unifies all, perhaps the last mitzvah that does not alienate the common Israeli or arouse opposition, and it brings together religious and secular, Ashkenazim and Sephardim, immigrants and natives. There is no other mitzvah capable of yielding such an effect on Israeli society.

We have therefore made it our goal to restore the glory of the community to its former position of prominence and ensure that each member of our nation will look after the needs of every other member. Our mission is to unite the entire nation together into a single heart, a heart that is sensitive to the troubles of the individual, a heart that concerns itself with those who are different, so that we once again become "a single person, with a single heart."

1. Meir Panim dispenses vital food and social services to the needy via 30 relief centers.

2. According the National Insurance Institute, there are 1,6 million(!) Israeli citizens currently living below the poverty line – including 800,000 children. These people cannot afford regular meals. They suffer hunger day after day, and lack the most bas

3. Meir Panim also operates a Meals for Children program, which currently delivers 11,000 nourishing meals daily to hungry schoolchildren in economically disadvantaged areas. A mega-kitchen facility designed to feed an additional 50,000 children each day is