Stop funding LGBT discrimination!

Did you know that the Social Security Administration forces you to fund discrimination against LGBT Seniors? All working Americans are required to pay into Social Security, but LGBT seniors are denied vital benefits afforded to others - the very benefits…Read More

Get on the streets tonight

Alright my Postcarders - The right for same sex couples marry in Maine was taken away last night. This is EXACTLY what happened in California with Prop 8. HOW LONG WILL WE ALLOW OUR GOVERNMENT TO PLAY PING PONG WITH OUR BASIC CIVIL RIGHTS?! I urge everyone…Read More

P2tP Relaunch!

Hi Everyone - It's official! We have relaunched this campaign with a new image, new staff, new postcards, and new goals! Can you help us by making our goal of 20,000 postcards sent to President Obama by the end of the year? Can you help us by inviting your…Read More

This is incredible

Ok fellow postcarders - I am emailing you all because this has all grown larger and more quickly then I could have ever imagined. We now have sent over 3000 postcards, have over 2000 people attached to the facebook cause, and are starting to grow…Read More

An update for YOU!

Hey Postcarders! So much has happened and I you deserve a BIG THANK YOU! I'm actually handing things off to Beth in San Francisco as I head out for a month of backpacking through Europe tomorrow. I'll be back in LA in May and will pick back up where I left…Read More

Check out our NEW VIDEO!

Make sure to check out our new video! Pass it along! Love, Tanner

The easiest way to help...

Hello everyone! Congratulations! Thanks to you, our facebook cause has reached over 1000 people! The movement has grown and grown and now 15 different states are primed to start sending postcards to the white house urging for the repeal of DOMA. Here's the…Read More
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