Causes Admins, Please Forward: You Can Win $5000 for Psychedelic Research--Fill Out Guidestar Review Today!

  Dear MAPS Supporter, How do you feel about FREE money to support Psychedelic Research? What if it only took 15 MINUTES of your time? Please go to MAPS Guidestar profile ( today and write a review about MAPS that will qualify us to win…Read More

HTML Problems with last message - Please Read Before Sending Bulletin

Looks like Causes may not be allowing HTML to be coded in the bulletins being sent out either. To get around this, you can use the following as the message to be sent out- we want to be sure people can click a link in the bulletins you'll be posting and go…Read More

Admins of MAPS Causes - We need your help!

Greetings of MAPS Affiliate Causes. I need your help in sending out this message to all members of the Causes you administer. Since Causes is now charging to allow us to send out these bulletins ourselves, we are counting on you to copy the following message…Read More

Thank you for supporting MAPS’ Cause in America’s Giving Challenge!

Greetings Friends of MAPS,   Thank you for your efforts in our Causes fundraising drive. While we did not win the $1,000 daily prize, we did raise $1,281 from individual donations to support MAPS research and education projects! I would like to personally…Read More

Can you spare $10 or more today to benefit psychedelic research?

Greetings MAPS supporters,   I am writing you this message today to remind you of the Giving Challenge fundraiser that MAPS has entered through the Causes Organization. As I mentioned in my message earlier this week, we are attempting to win the daily prize…Read More

Donate $10 or more on Saturday—Help MAPS Win $1000!

Greetings MAPS Friends and Allies, I am writing you today to offer a unique opportunity to multiply your donation to MAPS. By making a donation of $10 or more this Saturday October 24, you can help us win $1000 ! We have recently entered a fundraising…Read More
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