Wow its been a long time since this as been updated. Its been a very hectic couple of years with awful weather, illness and the rigmoral of daily living. Bill has been poorly as well as myself (Laura-Jayne) but theres been a lot of changes to the sanctuary…Read More


THE PAYPAL DONATION SYSTEM IS SET UP and running now (yay clever me) it is on my profile under boxes at the moment, working on getting put on the Causes page now (it will be here A.S.A.P). If you have any problems adding it to your profiles then send me a…Read More

Feburary Update

Hello all. New update, a little late as usual! As ever we have been busy with the rebuilding of our aviaries and shifting the birds into their housing facilities.We have two new aviaries up and running with birds happily settling in. Its been hectic here…Read More

Small Note..

When myself and Lee are fully organised (I.E. bang our heads together and get some blooming work done haha), We will begin posting dates for or displays and talks so if you are interested in meeting the birds and learning a little more, you are welcome to pop…Read More

Hey Guys

Hey, Just a quick note from myself and everyone at the sanctuary... Thanks for joining and please invite as many friends as possible! Also more information and pictures will be added in the coming days and weeks but if you would like recent information and…Read More


I am asking if you would all invite friends, relatives, etc.. to try and get this cause noticed. We are a lil owl sanctuary and dont get much in the way of fiancial help or displays. So if you know of anyone that could help us invite them and they will get…Read More


We will be soon starting a donation set up so you can make donations to the cause. We are hoping that you will be able to help out.
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