To rescue, Rehabilitate and re-release owls and birds of prey

If you can donate just a little amount, it will help us feed and house these wonderful birds that need our constant help.
We are a rescue and rehabilitation centre for owls and birds of prey. We take in injured and abused birds and rehabiliate them. Our successful cases are released back into the wild where they belong. However there instances where the bird has been injured in such a way that we have to take care of the bird as they are not able to fend for themselves in the wild so we look after them.
A select few of our birds are used to for displays to help educate people about the birds, interact with them, as we allow people to get touch and hold our birds. Displays and donations are the only way we can raise funds to continue our work.
If you are interested in booking us for a display please go to www.barnowlbill.com for information on how to contact us.

Thank you for joining and any donations are hugely appreciated.

Thank You for reading.

Barn Owl Bill and the team

All money raised goes to the birds, NO ONE ELSE takes any money.

If you are in Lancashire, England and have some building materials that we may find helpful in the building of the flights then please contact us.

www.barnowlbill.com if you need extra information.