Ed starting his transition from Nursery to Mainstream school

Well.... he did it..we met his one to one ladies this morning..they are truly wonderful!...I still have misgivings about sending Ed to a school that is primarily setup for "ordinary "kids..but he settled in a heartbeat and didn't want to leave either ..all…Read More

mainstream or special school

hi every one I am looking for advice as Ed has to have the necessary forms in by December..to be honest I am a bit mixed up about it!! In some ways a bit of both would be perfect and I am workig on that at the mo' ..but keep getting the word "paperwork"…Read More

a big big thank you to everyone

thank you thank you tis amazing to have so many members in such a short time a special thank you to Sheryl and Debbie for their amazing ability to recruit!! I think the whole idea to put parents in touch with each other has been very successful and we…Read More

my very special and wonderful son Edward

Thank you all for supporting my cause if you would like to contact me or view more fabulous photos of Ed please put a friend request forward

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