I Won't Deny You - Supporting the A21 Campaign

Visit http://www.thea21campaign.org/ to se what you can do to stop human trafficking. This work is so important that we wanted all members to se this. Hope it gets into your heart the same way it did to us. Blessings // the "I Won't Deny You" team!

BlueEyesSoul about "I Won't Deny You"

Our dream about "I Won't Deny You" is that God would make it so much bigger than what BlueEyesSoul is in itself. Our dream is that it would become a statement from a whole generation. You know, when you feel that you are the only one at your school, who’s a…Read More

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Don't forget to sign up @ www.iwontdenyyou.com You can also watch the new BlueEyesSoul video! Thank you for being brave and standing up for God! He realy loves you!
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