Another Tight Race

When it comes to recruiting, we have had some upsets over the past week. Second through Fifth most successful recruiters are now all neck and neck. Currently it's Brian HIdy at 16, Tara Maslar at 15, and John Guiles tied with Lynn Hardie for 11 each. Lynn,…Read More

Autism Awareness

Since Tara Masler has been such an excellent recruiter for Bring Back Whom, I have just exhausted my daily limit in recruiting for HER chief cause, Autism Awareness. I encourage all of you to join up with her. (I'm not looking for the recruiting credit.…Read More

Clear Winners, but not so clear

Tara Maslar has now established a clear claim to Second Place in recruiting. Lynn Hardie is equally secure in Third. Ashley Casey in Fourth. And John Guiles in Fifth. But please note the difference between 5th place and 2nd is merely four recruits.…Read More

Another Horse Raise!!

I'm delighted to announce we have another horse raise. Tara Masler and Lynn Hardie are now tied for second place in recruitment and only one ahead of Ashley Casey. So, who's going to take the title? Who will topple their lead? Who will topple mine? Feel…Read More

To WHOM Goes the Crown?

We've got a tie for 2nd place in recruiting for Bring Back Whom. To WHOM will the 2nd place crown go? Or will one of them or perhaps someone else topple my first place slot? Jump into the game! You have nothing to lose but your bad grammar.

We've Turned A Major Corner

I would like to thank you for being part of Bring Back Whom. In the past week we jumped from being a tiny band of nerds to having over 50 members. Now we can get serious about influencing people to use English in a way that doesn't disturb your ears. Please…Read More

We're Turning a Corner

New Member Ashley Casey remains the #2 recruiter in this group. Congratulations to her on her great work. And to those of you who recruited as soon as you joined, kudos as well! There are now officially as many members of the group WHOM I personally didn't…Read More
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