TO get People to pass this around all over the world and get Millions upon millions to decide not to go to the Games, For supporters, players and the media.

I am trying to see if I can get Millions upon Millions to agree to boycott the World cup match in South Africa until they take a stand against Mugabe and his regime. I want as many players, supporters and media to refuse to take part until there is action.
This regime has been in place for far too long and needs to end and end now. The madness has to stop. The human cost to this country has gotten too great and we all have a duty to the human race to do something about this.
All anyone need do is search up storied on Facebook and all over the internet to see news of Daily criminal activity by Mugabe's party the ZanuPF to the people of this country once known as the breadbasket of Africa. Need I say anymore???? I think not!!

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