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Celebrate peace with a click for a greener world!

Each September 21st, the world bands together in celebration of the International Day of Peace. Throughout the years, the themes have changed, but the initiatives to connect, inspire, and inform the world remains. This year marks the largest global observance of the International Day of Peace since its beginning in 1982. Rather than reserve a single day, many events will occur between the recently honored anniversary of September 11th and Gandhi's birthday on October 2nd (a recognized holiday in many parts of the world).

Take a moment today--or better yet, every day--to make the world a better place. Make eco-conscious decisions like bringing your own shopping bags to the grocery store or helping plant trees in your neighborhood, and remember to click on the green button ( daily at The Rainforest Site to help preserve vital habitat around the world, free.

Working With Fair Trade Artisans Around The World

At The Rainforest Site, we recognize that artisans around the world must have a viable economic alternative to depleting rainforests and other natural resources. With our help, and your support, we can create jobs and promote peace through the eradication of extreme poverty.

Tibetan Artisan Initiative ( Take our Tibetan Yak Oven Mitt (, for example. This quirky kitchen accessory is adorable, practical, and was handmade and brought to us by the Tibetan Artisan Initiative. Started as a poverty alleviation project, the Initiative now provides a market channel to hundreds of Tibetan artisans--many living in rural areas without access to outside customers.

Supporting fair trade artisans is one amazing way that you can help others attain financial independence. You will also find an array of sustainable products ( made by rainforest artisans at The Rainforest Site store. And, of course, every purchase at The Rainforest Site store ( helps pay for the preservation of rainforest land: you can see exactly how much land your purchase helped save when you check out -- all at no extra cost to you!

Thank you for making The Rainforest Site ( part of your journey towards a better tomorrow.

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