For Assaults on Police Dogs to have the same penalty as an assault on Police Officer through the No 10 Petition http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/policedogassault/on

At present if a Police Officer is attacked in the line of his or her duty the offending person will be arrested for assault on that police officer. If a police dog is attacked in the line of their duty no action is taken unless damage has been caused - the arrest can only be for criminal damage. We would like to see a change in the law that of a Police Dog is attacked then the offender should be arrested for assault on that Police Dog. I bring to light an incident that happened in January 2008 in Swindon, Wiltshire where a Police Dog Handler and his Dog were Stabbed and a 2nd officer received knife related injuries. The offender has been sentenced for the attack on the Police Officer and the Criminal Damage to the Police Dog. I emplore people to sign a petition urging for a change in law to protect Police Dogs across the country.

1. If a Police animal (Dog or Horse) is injured by an offender whilst on duty they can only be charged under law with Criminal Damage

2. American Police Animals have the same protection in law as their human colleagues