We can do it !!

Hey members , Ive had some legal advice that we need 10,000 names to take the cause to Number 10 !! So if you can please push the cause cheers!!. Plus if we do get to that number i would 1 person from each armed service to come to give the names to show we…Read More

Happy New Year

Happy new year everyone,let hope the boys and girls get pulled out of all the shit hole in the world and let them fight there own battles?? CHEERS Mark

Merry Christmas

I would like to wish everyone a happy christmas especially the boys and girl away from home this time of year !! xx Im thinking of you keep your heads down !!YOUR THE BEST LOVE YOU ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry people

Sorry about these sad people who have nothing better to than slag off our boys and girl !!!! Ive started banning them from the cause i don't want you to get upset by these DICK! CHEERS MARK

thanks !!

I would like to thank you for joining the the cause we have got a long way to get to the number we need!!.So spread the word .............cheers mark

Thank you

i would like to thank you for joining the cause!!!

need more names please

I think its about 80,000 names so we go to number 10 with a list of names so we can start the ball rolling in the political world so please more names !!!!!!!!!!!!!.Thanks mark
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