There is now video proof of rich and powerful fisherman, using poor defenceless kittens as SharkBAIT. We MUST stop this cruelty!!!

I was on the internet last night, and came a cross a video entitled "KITTENS used as bait for sharks and marlin!" I watched it,, and the information it provided me with, disgusted me. I was almost in tears watching this video, and I then decided that I was going to stand up for this cause. i also, in my later search came across a news article statiing that police are now patrolling the waters around europe after finding a bucket of newborn kittens scared and defenceless on a boat, prepared as bait. These rich and powerful fisherman, are using poor, defenceless, cats and kittens, as LIVE BAIT for Sharks, Marlin, Tarpin, and in Europe, Giant Catfish (also known as "Sheatfish"). We must stop this cruelty!

1. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=431_1232680237