Assist the Armenians living in the Javakhk region of Georgia

Today their are over a quarter million Armenians living in the country of Georgia. Javakhk is a region in southern Georgia which is part of the historic Armenian homeland. The inhabitants of the region are 90% Armenian, however they live in dire socio-economic conditions with almost no voice within their government.

The region is plagued with rampant unemployment, crumbling infrastructure and fraudulent elections. The Armenian population, in search of a better life and work, has been consistently emigrating from the region. If current trends continue the region, which has been home to Armenians for thousands of years will become void of any remnants of an Armenian identity.

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1. The Armenians of Javakhk must have autonomous self-governance

2. The Armenians of Javakhk must be afforded equal opportunities in employment, education and state-sponsored investment

3. The Armenians of Javakhk must be allowed to maintain, without reprucution, their cultural identity and language