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The Palestinian Youth Network Summer Camps! APPLICATION DUE MAY 20TH!

Please forward to any Palestinian youth interested. There is a summer camp below in which Palestinians 16-20 are eligible but most are for Palestinian youth 18-35.

Dear Friends,

The International Palestinian Youth Network is hosting one summer camp for Palestinian youth between the ages of 18 to 35 in Syria this summer. We are also endorsing the Palestine International Institutes summer camp in Nazareth this summer for Palestinian youth between the ages of 16 to 20. PYN members over 20 years of age may participate in the PII camp by volunteering.

Please email me with questions or concerns.

Palestinian Youth Network 2009 Summer Camp Introduction
International Palestinian Camp: Networking for a better future for Palestinians all over the world

In the three years of developing PYN from an idea to a tangible vehicle of activism and voice for Palestinian youth globally, we have been confronted with some of the most critically challenging issues that face Palestinian activist youth internationally. As a result of 61 years of colonialism and expulsion from our homeland it is inevitable for us to experience a wide diversity of class, national backgrounds, perceptions of gender, religious beliefs, political affiliation, cultural practices, and much more. This summer camp is aimed at exploring what Palestinian identity is and how it is represented and understood among various Palestinian communities. The PYN’s first summer camp will briefly examine the history of the collective Palestinian identity and struggle for liberation to better contextualize the commonalities and diverse array of issues young Palestinians face globally. The camp will provide a space in which Palestinian youth from all over the world will meet, learn about various Palestinian communities and perspectives, to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the diversity of Palestinian identities and to recognize collective Palestinian rights and responsibilities. The camp will also give the youth a space to learn about various pursuits of social justice as well as methods of leadership training and development.

for the camp presentation, application and program please visit the following link:

The Fourth ROOTS TO BRIDGES Camp 2009
(Hasib Sabbagh Camp 4)
A project by the Palestine International Institute endorsed by the
Palestinian Youth Network

The Palestine International Institute (PII) will convene the second summer Roots to Bridges Camp 2009 – Hasib Sabbagh Camp at (The Arabian Nest) near the city of Nazareth – Ebleen - Kawkab street. The camp will commence on 5 July 2009 and run for (10) days. The camp aims to bridge relations between the emerging Palestinian youths in the Diaspora and at home, to deepen their commitment, to strengthen cultural and historical awareness among them.
The camp will be open for male and female youths who will continue the march towards the Right for Self Determination. The young boys and girls will be under the guardianship of specialist counselors and educationists, in an atmosphere of peace and security. The board of trustees of the PII has determined that the camp will include a spectrum of all ages with emphasis on the 16-20 years age group, particularly since some members of the board will participate in the camp in a variety of ways.
for more information please visit the following link:

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