Memorial artwork for SIDS victim

World-class artist, Kevin-John Jobczynski, has created a new piece of artwork featuring the Presque Isle Lighthouse. He is allowing us to sell prints to raise money in memory of our son, Grady, a victim of SIDS. Proceeds from print sales will go toward a new…Read More


There's just one day left - tomorrow is National Spring for SIDS Day. Help us save babies by donating to the American SIDS Institute through this cause. Too many babies are dying from this mysterious killer - too many families are being shattered. Your…Read More

Halfway there

We've reached the halfway mark of our fundraising goal... Thank you to all of our supporters! Spring for SIDS is less than a month away - we need you now more than ever! If you are able to donate, that is fantastic! If you can't donate, please remember that…Read More

Spring for SIDS Day

Spring for SIDS is quickly approaching! This is a national SIDS awareness and fundraising day set for April 24th. Now is the time to come together and raise as much money as we can to support the American SIDS Institute. Please donate whatever you are able to…Read More

Welcome to all of the new SIDS family members

I just wanted to thank all of the new members who have lost a child to SIDS. Please feel free to post pictures of your angels. To those who have already shared your pictures - thank you - your angels are beautiful. I'm glad you've shared their sweet faces…Read More

Why I started this cause.

It's been 15 months since my husband and I lost our son, Grady, to SIDS. He should be 19 months old now. He should be running around, tripping me and talking my ears off. Our family should be laughing at his antics and exhausted from running after…Read More
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