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Thanks too all of our FB supporters ... We are working hard to get the message of our organization out. You all have been very helpfull in doing that through joining Remember Me on FB. We are doing wonderful things through this organization and hope to continue to help grieving families for years too come. We do, however, need your help to keep our programs going. We are a nonpofit organization who depends on the generous donations from our local businesses and individual dontations made from people such as yourselves to fund our programs. We ask you to help us by making a donation to the Remember Me Children's Memorial Foundation Inc. Donations can be made through our website or mailed to PO Box 2122 West Columbia, SC 29171 All donations are tax deductible as we are a 501c3 charity. Unlike some charities, 100 % of your donation goes directly to our programs as all of our directors and members are volunteers and receive no compensation. Help us on our mission by donating today. Help be a part of helping grieving parents within our communities as they begin the long journey of healing. We currently have two families waiting for some assistance and could benefit from your donations. We will likely always have more need than funding but strive to help them as we have it available.

Thanks Brian and Nancy Kennedy
Remember ME Children's Memorial Foundation

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