Remember Me Childrens Memorial FOundation New broadcast

Everyone please watch the 11pm news cast on WLTX 19 tonite for a segment on our organization . It will also be available as a video on the WLTx website tomm. Thanks Brian Kennedy

Come out and see us

If you are looking for something fun too do this weekend come on out to the Irmo Okra Strut and while you there stop bye and say hello and help us on our mission. Remember Me Childrens Memorial we be participating in the festival this year we will be out…Read More

THanks for your support

Thanks too all of our FB supporters ... We are working hard to get the message of our organization out. You all have been very helpfull in doing that through joining Remember Me on FB. We are doing wonderful things through this organization and hope to…Read More

hello everyone

Hi everyone I would like to thank each of you for joining our cause. We are working hard ensure we can reach out to all of the grieving families we come in contact with to offer them help during a very difficult time in their lives. Remember Me Childrens…Read More

Remember Me Children's Memorial Foundation

Hello to all of our members , thanks for supporting our organization on our mission. Just to let you all know we are working with two more families at the current time and are in need of your support . I know that times are financially hard for some right now…Read More


Hi everyone , hope you all have a wonderful weekend. If you get the chance come see us at Barnyard Flea Market Sat , we will be out raising money for Our organization . Stop by and say hi and pick up and pick up some info on Remember Me children's Memorial…Read More

Thank you for making a difference

Thank you all for supporting our cause! We need your help as well as your support to beable to reach out to grieving parents across our area . Did you know that according to the latest statistics 862 familys lost a child last year, out of these familys many…Read More
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