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Blue Planet launches “Declaration of Energy Independence for Hawai`i”

Clean energy organization aims to grow statewide movement for Hawaii’s energy independence

KAILUA — Taking a page from American’s founders over two centuries ago, the local Blue Planet Foundation drafted a “Declaration of Energy Independence” for Hawai‘i to declare support for eliminating the use of imported coal, oil, and gas in the state. The organization is inviting residents statewide to lend their name to the Declaration which will later be used as a petition to policy and decision makers. The idea of the Declaration came from Blue Planet founder and Chairman Henk Rogers.

“We must join together in declaring our independence from imported coal and oil,” said Rogers. “We can and must make the choice to be free and independent from the grip of oil addiction.”

The Hawai‘i Declaration—mirroring language from the U.S. Constitution, reads:

We the People of Hawai`i, in order to secure our islands’ energy independence, ensure a stable economy, demonstrate global leadership, and protect our natural environment, do hereby declare that we must replace our dependence on imported oil, coal and gas with the efficient use of clean, indigenous, renewable energy.

The Declaration will also be translated into Hawaiian. Blue Planet is inviting everyone to sign the Declaration online at

The organization kicked off the Declaration effort in Kailua today with a compact fluorescent distribution project and educational presentation. Volunteers with the organization will be attending the Kailua 4th of July Parade Saturday to collect signatures.

Similar to the long saga of the original 13 American colonies, Hawai‘i leaders have long been talking about making Hawai‘i independent from the outside forces that control over 90% of the state’s energy. Yet the actual percentage of clean energy used statewide has decreased over the past half century. Since the first major oil crunches in the 1970s, Hawaii’s use of imported oil has grown by over 50%.

Blue Planet Foundation has a goal of making Hawai‘i energy independent—using only clean, indigenous, renewable energy sources—within one decade.

“It is time to stop letting people on the other side of the world make decisions about our energy security and our economic prosperity,” said Rogers. “Future generations depend upon us to make bold decisions and take control of our destiny today.”

To view and sign the Declaration of Energy Independence for Hawai‘i, please see

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