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Legislature makes leaps on clean energy. We need your help now!

Aloha Friends of Blue Planet:

Thanks to your help, Hawai'i will be making a leap forward on clean energy through new bills passed by the legislature. These new policies—should they win Governor Lingle's approval—will accelerate Hawaii's transition to a future powered by clean, local, and renewable sources of energy.

House Bill 1464, will increase the amount of clean energy required to be produced in Hawaii, establish new energy efficiency programs and requirements, and improve Hawaii’s Solar Roofs Act. more...

House Bill 1271 taps the source of our problem—imported oil—to help fund clean energy solutions. The $1 per barrel fee created by this measure will be used to implement clean energy programs, leverage federal stimulus funding for energy, and support local food production. more...

Other bills provide help encourage private investment in renewable energy (HB 464), provide incentives for electric vehicles (SB 1202), remove the cost cap on clean energy (HB 1270), and remove barriers to clothesline use (SB 1338). more...

While we are disappointed that the legislature tabled the "no new coal and oil" power plant ban until next session,(See here why? we will continue to work with legislators in shaping appropriate policy to make sure Hawaii does not invest in outdated, expensive fossil-burning facilities.

Although these bills passed the legislature, we're not done yet. We still need the Governor's approval to make them law. The bill we are most concerned with is the barrel fee, HB 1271. Please let the Governor know that you support this smart tax-shifting policy. (Click here to send Governor your message:

Mahalo for all of your efforts in contacting legislators and generating support for these key measures. We couldn't have made this progress without you. Of course, legislators deserve praise for their efforts this session, so let's show them some appreciation for passing these clean energy measures. We've made it easy to send your thanks through an online form.(Click here:

Thank you for being a friend of Blue Planet.

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