Annual update on MCE's permanent fund and how you are helping!

Dear friends, 2009 has been an unusually challenging year for non-profit organizations, including Micro Credit Enterprises However, we have good news to report. Because of people like you, our Permanent Fund to Alleviate Extreme…Read More

Vote for MicroCredit Enterprises - 2 quick steps could help us win $25,000

Took a few seconds to help raise 25K for MicroCredit Enterprises!! Please join me. (Kudos to Chase) Thank you for your continued support, Ayesha Mathews~Wadhwa

All MCE's permanent fund supporters become a fan of the MCE page

Hi MCE supporters, If you are supporting the MCE's Permanent Fund cause, please become a fan of MCE at Cheers! MCE Team

Thank you wonderful MCE fans!

Dear MCE supporters, MCE is excited to reach over 300 fans. Thank you wonderful MCE fans for believing in this cause. You can further support us by pledging your support to MCE's permanent fund. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps: + Go to the…Read More

About the need for health care......

Did you see Muhammed Yunus' blog about health care on the Huffington Post today ?

I just spoke with Sarah Pearlman

Sarah is a Professor of Economics at Vassar College, my alma mater. I was conducting my ongoing outreach for MCE and was delighted to find that she has woven into her course, Money and Debt, four lectures on microfinance, using Jonathan Morduch's book "The…Read More

Come to Nicaragua !

I just remitted my deposit for my upcoming trip with SIA......I'm off to Nicaragua in June to learn about how microfinance is transforming the country's economy...... go to ..... what are YOU doing June 20th to 27th ? Come with…Read More
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