Wow just completed our first two classes for 2011

Hi everyone, thought I'd let you know that we have just completed our first Home Management and Frail care classes for the year. Can't believe how time just flies by. This was such a special class. We had 3 drug addicts in class and one of them, a…Read More

Urgently require an Educare Facilitator

We are seeking someone who has Educare experience and who is able to teach an adult group. Pls pray with us about this and forward to anyone whom you think may be interested. For further details regarding the position, pls check out our website…Read More

Happy 4th Brithday!!!!!!

Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!! He has carried us through!!!! June marked our 4th year in ministry. Thank you Lord Jesus. It wasn't easy - but it was worth it.


Hi everyone - I really could do with your prayers. One of our new students came to me for help to try and find someone. I can't go into this as its still a matter of confidentiality between us but I would really appreciate your prayers. Pls pray for Charlene…Read More

Second class for the year.

Hello there everyone - hope you are all well. Thought I'd let you know we started our second class for the year. Full 16 students including 2 males and 2 moslem ladies - Praise the Lord. Salome has also started her second group of Frailcareres and they are…Read More

One down and 3 more to go!!!! Praise the Lord

Hello everyone - thought I'd send you a note just to let you know we have successfully completed our first classes for the year!!!!! Some dissapointments as we had 4 drop outs in our first Home Management class. However, 12 have completed and will be going on…Read More

Blessed Christmas to You all

Hello there everyone - we have grown to 39 Members and I really praise God for that. We have also been blessed by one of our members who designed and is paying for the cost of our Web site this year - to God be the Glory. Pls have a look at the website @…Read More
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