To support and help the actions taken for the survival of the critically endangered Balkan lynx

The Balkan lynx population is the most endangered of all autochthonous Lynx lynx populations. This is the more alarming as it most probably concerns even an own subspecies Lynx lynx martinoi.
The present distribution of the Balkan lynx is restricted to the southwest Balkans, mainly the border areas between Macedonia and Albania, spreading north into Montenegro and Kosova. The population is estimated to be less than 100 individuals. Biology, ecology and history of the Balkan lynx are not well understood or documented, but obvious threats have been direct persecution in the past, decline of prey populations, and loss and fragmentation of habitat.

The aim of the Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme is to secure the survival of the population through a series of protected areas and improved wildlife management within and outside the PAs. To do so, we need to generate a set of baseline information and to establish a reliable monitoring programme. This implies a strong partnership between governmental and non-governmental institutions on national and international level, increased public awareness and public involvement, and – above all – capacity building in nature conservation, wildlife research, and management.

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