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Hi Everybody!

It is time that we change the cause & create new dimensions

Your beloved group "Help Save Sri Lanka" is now renamed as "Let us rebuild Sri Lanka" . It is a timely change as we now have to look forward to see the development of Sri Lanka. Something we couldn't fully focus due to the disastrous war that ruined our country over 3 decades.

L.T.T.E. is militarily defeated!!!! A feat only the Sri Lankan army was able to do (To defeat a terrorist outfit)
There are still traces of them but soon they will be either hunted or loose interest in it as there is really no cause in their Day-dream.

Let us set aside the hatred & live peacefully and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of SRI LANKA!!! - Truly a Paradise

Now is the time to focus our energy in developing Sri Lanka.
We now have 100% control of our land & sea which now belongs to the Sri Lankan government.

Rebuilding the East & North should be our primary concern as there is numerous resources that should be harnessed. This will provide employment opportunities to our people in the north and they can carry on with their lives without having to worry about any outside influence.

The children of the north will go to Schools/Universities again and we all will live in peace :)

Hail Mother Lanka!!!!

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