Let us develop Sri Lanka while keeping peace & harmony

Sri Lanka is a Paradise, the pearl of the Indian Ocean. But it is being destroyed by many ruthless people to cater their selfish needs.

1. LTTE : The biggest TERRORIST group to destroy the land killing countless lives and destroying property, while chasing their STUPID daydream of a separate state. Now that they are no more, plz stop those false LTTE propaganda's to insult this great nation

2. Politicians (Most of them): The selfish animals who gain trust of the people, to make their lives a misery using the power given to them.

3. N.G.O.'s with hidden agendas : They come from around the world to show that they want to help us but leaving with a mounds of socio/cultural problems.


From all these and the others, HELP SAVE SRI LANKA

1. Sri Lanka is a great nation & a free country

2. Sri Lankan Forces rule! The Greatest military in the world

3. LTTE is no more. So plz stop false LTTE propagandas

4. Set aside hatred & let us all Sri Lankans live in peace & harmony

5. Make Sri Lanka a developed economy in the world