Hi Everybody!

It is time that we change the cause & create new dimensions Your beloved group "Help Save Sri Lanka" is now renamed as "Let us rebuild Sri Lanka" . It is a timely change as we now have to look forward to see the development of Sri Lanka. Something we…Read More


I wuld like 2 take this opportunity 2 wish all of u a HAPPY & A PROSPEROUS SINHALA & TAMIL NEW YEAR!!! May all ur dreams come true!!! The war is almost over...Bt it will take a lot of time,courage & patience to make the broken relationships bond…Read More

Show the support to SL forces!

Let's unite all Sri Lankans in support of the national heroes fighting in the North. Put up a Sri Lankan flag in your car, house, FB profile pic, chat display pic, ANYWHERE! Go SL Forces! One Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka needs YOU! -Give your expertise for the struggle against terror

http://www.defence.lk/rsa/reportknowledge.asp Please click on this link above and forward this to many as possible

Please stand up for this

Hey, I'm sure you guys are familiar with Hatching Eggs app. Check this egg http://apps.facebook.com/hatching/gift_item_comments?gift_item_id=656 I think its a disgrace to any decent religion to do something like this. Do Protest and make your voice…Read More
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