Tande Independance 2011 gratis

Mezanmi, pasel bay zanmi ak fanmi nou, tandel, analyzel, aprouvel, rejetel. Min sutou sevi avel pou ede fre ak seu nou kompran necesite pou yo pa vann vote yo pou $20 haitienshttp://www.matekompas.com/independance2011/

Je vous prie d'influencer le processus devant aboutir aux elections de NOV 2010

Only when the Haitian people becomes politically informed will its leaders' caliber, knowledge and skills match the tasks. Let's get to it now. Don't wait until after the 2011 elections to complain about the new president. Pourquoi devons nous activement…Read More

Administrator privileges

If you want to be an inerractive adminstrator of that cause, let me know. I will make you and admistrator and you will be able to do everything I can do ie. sending e-mails, posts etc


LE 18 NOVEMBRE 2009, A TOUSSAINT LOUVERTURE HIGH SCHOOL VENTE SIGNATURE DE "INDEPENDANCE 2011" http://toussaintlouverture.org/catalog/contact_us.php


Gera Bouguy will be holding a hold a book signing event on Nov 18th, 2009 in Florida at http://www.toussaintlouverture.org/

Book signing event

Thanks for joining that Noble cause. We have been talking about it, but never put it into perspective. I have and you can find it…Read More

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