To ban the manufacture of plastics or to limit the use of these products wherever possble.

An area in the ocean near Hawaii was recently discovered. Encompassing a space the entire size of the State of Texas, from the top of the ocean to the very bottom was jam packed with plastic bags which had found their way via storm drains etc to the Ocean, and had been carried along by the currents to this spot and somehow stay there... I guess this is the reason why plastic bags are being banned in so many cities now. It apparently takes 1000 years for a plastic bag to be decomposed in the soil. I think about how we would be able to live without plastic...and find it interesting that this is one of the major products derived from oil...but as a manmade product the earth cannot break it down... It seems since the advent of the Industrial revolution over 150 years ago and the invention of the machine we have caused more damage to our "home" planet earth, than in any other time in history... Anything that you recycle ie. cartons, any kind of paper, cans, glass, wood, and plastic all gets to be remanufactured into various things. The plastics get to be reborn as shampoo bottles etc. Otherwise, anything that you place in the regular trash cans gets dumped directly into the earth...and festers obviously for thousands of years. Some of which the earth can never break down...and some of it gives off tox gases and carbons, all of which pollute our atmosphere.. A lot of our power plants burn coal and oil. These all spew out millions of tons of carbons per day, this is why cutting down our electricity usuage in any way is so vital to the atmosphere. Each summer LA has been getting hotter..this year the summer lasted months longer than normal, and we also see major temperature swings from one week to the next, sometimes 15 degrees either way. I wonder sometimes how future generations will possibily have to live in 130 degree heat. Even in England where Summers never get over 70 degrees, the past few summers have been sometimes in the 98-99 range. This will all effect our water supply, fires, and earthquakes, and in other parts of the world major swings in snowfall, flooding and tidal waves and even our good supply. I saw recently on PBS that our fish supply is shrinking down here in California. Due to warmer water, the fish have curtailed their voyage south by 30%..which means that they are not travelling as far south as they used to..The program also said that if the earth's surface increases just a couple of degrees that 80 percent of our plant species will not be able to survive, together with many other animals. Perhaps Southern California will again revert back to the enormous desert that it once was, where barely anything can live except lizards etc. Did you know that Bombs also give off thousands of pounds of carbon not to mention tons of heat. Thic Nat Hahn a Buddist Monk says that wherever there is violence, anger and unrest in one part of the world, another part of the world is effected somehow.. The world is dying, we know that..but perhaps we can all do the best we can to do our part... Nicola from Nix Daily News

1. Plastics take thousands of years to be broken down by the earth.

2. To stop the manufacture of all products that pollute our environment.

3. To limit the use of plastics wherever possible due to the impact that they have on our environment.