advance the Sorority's educational and philanthropic purposes through support of the Sorority's leadership, scholarship, philanthropic and educational programs.

The Foundation contributes to its educational mission by funding training programs, convention workshops, qualified Sorority programs and personnel and leadership schools, all to enhance opportunities for leadership development and personal growth for Delta Zeta members.

In addition, each year the Delta Zeta Foundation awards thousands of dollars in scholarships and loans to deserving Delta Zetas to help with their education and career goals.

Please refer to the Causes Help section for information regarding the safety and security of any donation you make, which is processed through Justgive.org - a highly respected non-profit that administers charitable giving. If you would rather, support the DZ foundation through giving via the Delta Zeta website at:
There are several options available there for giving to Delta Zeta directly.

This Facebook cause is meant to allow other DZs to support the Foundation and share the cause with others not necessarily through monetary donations via Facebook, but by passing it along to others.

1. Enhance sorority educational and leadership programs

2. Support the continuing education and career goals of Delta Zeta members

3. Fund sorority programs that enhance philanthropic endeavors

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a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (EIN: 31-0940640)