To improve the lives of orphans and children facing extraordinary challenges in Egypt

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Coptic Orphans exists to improve the lives of orphans and other vulnerable children in Egypt by providing basic needs, education, and mentoring so that they may realize their potential to become productive members of society. Coptic Orphans also exists to raise awareness about poverty in Egypt and promote cultural understanding.

As opposed to a short-term relief organization, Coptic Orphans focuses on the long-term needs of the children - spiritual, physical, economic, and social - through programs that provide both tangible and intangible benefits.

Coptic Orphans also helps other children facing extraordinary challenges throughout Egypt.


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1. We equip fatherless orphans with resources to access their rights through a church-based network of local volunteer advocates in the Not Alone program

2. We support the education, health, and practical training of disabled and other disadvantaged children through our Grassroots Partner Initiatives

3. We connect youth from around the globe to Egypt in "Serve to Learn"