Back to Elect A Progressive New York Senator In 2010

A Pre-State of the Union Read

Friends: The part that voters will care about in the NYTimes article today--
"Views: He is against the health care bill, and wants Medicare
for all. He is against the dual wars (“I will not vote for a single
penny to continue either war”). He wants to increase the minimum wage
immediately to $10 an hour and see it quickly reach $15... to $20. He
wants a stronger labor movement. (“People say you’re antibusiness. I’m
pro-business because I want jobs. What I’m against is foolishness.”) He
wants a tax on every transaction on Wall Street. He supports gay
marriage and gun control."

The rest is here:

By the way, I see my opponent is now going after Medicare and Social Security--voting FOR a Commission yesterday to cut the deficit, which is a back-door plan to cut Medicare and Social Security.

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