Let's Protest Wall Street Greed--Join Me On Thursday

Friends: I need your help. On Thursday, there is a large march in NYC against Wall Street greed. I’m going to march and it would be great if we had a large group willing to march with me with our signs (very light ones) and a few people willing to talk…Read More

It's Us Versus Goldman Sachs

Do you want the voice of Goldman Sachs representing you? If so, you should support my opponent, Kirsten Gillibrand—the number *one* Democratic Senator incumbent recipient of Goldman Sachs cash. Today, with the news that the Securities and Exchange Commission…Read More

The 2010 Exclusive Club--Join Now For Real Change...Limited Time

Would you invest $20.10 every month--the cost of one very modest meal (alone) in Manhattan or less than a round-trip train ticket to Great River, Long Island or under the cost of one bottle of a 2004 Merlot from the Shaw Vineyards in Dundee--if you knew it…Read More

A Pre-State of the Union Read

Friends: The part that voters will care about in the NYTimes article today-- "Views: He is against the health care bill, and wants Medicare for all. He is against the dual wars (“I will not vote for a single penny to continue either war”). He wants to…Read More

Lessons from the Massachusetts Senate Election

Progressives: I thought you would like to see this-- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4XwHKhz0O4 Jonathan

We Can End The Political Corruption Now

Today, I renewed my call to my opponent to return all money she has taken from Wall Street interests--we can end the corruption in politics now, despite what the Supreme Court says. Here is the video from yesterday's rally in front of Goldman Sachs, with the…Read More

Massachusetts Lessons: Democrats Could Lose New York

Massachusetts Lesson: We Will Lose New York With Gillibrand As Nominee New York, NY—Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate in New York, Jonathan Tasini, released the following statement in the wake of the Massachusetts Senate race. The Massachusetts Senate…Read More
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