thanks for all your support! I know its been a tough time for us all but even wishes, thanks and support is more than enough. as you may know in Colorado there was a recent LODD (line of duty death). striking a small community and small department as a shock…Read More

9/11 losses, 80 facts Get seated this is a huge one. never forget.

1.) WTC north tower survivors above impact: 0 2.) Received on average by each F.D.N.Y. and N.Y.P.D. widow: $1,000,000 3.) americans changer their 2001 holiday travel plans from plane to train or car: 1.4 mil 4.) tons of debris removed from Ground Zero: 1.5…Read More

9/11 never forget its only been 9 years

Let every nation know, Whether it wishes us well or ill, That we shall pay any price, Bear and burden, Meet any hardship, Support any friend, Oppose any foe, To assure the survival and success of Liberty. - John F. Kennedy do you remember where you were that…Read More

atleast $15,000 by 2013

as you all may know non-profit means full supports from donations. so as head of administration i have decided to set a goal to raise atleast $15,000 by 2013! having 8,310 members and growing it would not be hard to far exceid this goal!! please find it in…Read More
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