Cease importation and production of Foie gras in Australia

Foie gras (french meaning "fatty liver") is a french delicacy which in short is force fed goose liver or goose liver pat'e. To produce this "decident" pat'e, the farmers ram a funnel down the throat of the cute little geese and force feed them corn and do this several times a day for the most part of their tormented lives until the liver explodes to about 10 times the normal size. The geese are severly distressed and in complete agony for the entire duration of this period then they kill the geese if they havnt already been killed through the ordeal and sell the liver for a very high price. French restraurants are predominanly the purchaser's of this much sort after delicacy and complete exploitation of animal rights. If you saw how they do this, and heard the groans of agony the geese make, you would probably want to cry or throw up and it's happening everyday and is accepted throughout the world and the end product is pretty much only eaten by wealthy people. This to me is completely unacceptable, cruel and unnecessary so if you feel the same way join this group and maybe one day we can put an end to this atrocity or at least try and stop it legally coming into and being produced in Australia. The geece cannot stand up for themselves so it's up to us. To see for yourself what the farmer's do to these magnificent and beautiful creatures; watch this but be prepared if you've a weak stomach. http://www.goveg.com/feat/foie/

1. Foie gras production is inhumane

2. Foie gras should cease to be allowed into and produced in Australia