Stop shocking our mothers and grandmothers

Electroshock For almost two decades I was a victim of what I now am aware was psychiatric torture. I believe because I am a woman, it was easier to become a psychiatric victim and to be denied my right to be human. I got my first bolt of electricity just…Read More

Cork Electroshock Protest

Because electroshock causes brain damage and dysfunction, is often given without informed consent and many more women are at risk of receiving it, then we want it to be abolished just as insulin coma shock 'treatment' is no longer offered to those who are…Read More

A Shocking Treatment

Children in danger of brain damage

Grown up children deserve to be protected.

Thanks so much!

Thanks for all you support! Wow! We have reached over 12,000! Lets keep the momentum going! Share - Share-…Read More

No more electroshock

First do no harm

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