Raise awareness and donations to free people of Burma

"The military is now utilizing violence against monks and other non-violent protestors. They have beaten and arrested hundreds of people, and it is reported that at least 6 monks are dead. We are tired of the international communities just making statements - they must ACT. Show your support and outrage "

- US Campaign for Burma


Reports of some of the world's most horrific human rights abuses have been documented by governments and credible organizations in Burma's ethnic regions, yet these peoples never give up the struggle to protect their homelands and way of life.

The NLD, the true elected leaders of Burma, have called on citizens and governments around the world to put international pressure on Burma's regime. Our mission is to respond to this call.

1. The people of the Southeast Asian country of Burma are locked in one of the world's great freedom struggles

2. The military responded by gunning down thousands of demonstrators

3. The regime, intent on dominating the entire country, has responded with brutal force