Don't Forget!

Don't forget to invite your friends to this worthy cause. The more people we have, the more aware we can be of what is going on here in Wisconsin. The more people the better chance we have of making a change for the positive by allowing same sex unions or…Read More

Let Us Grow, Let Us Grow, Let Us Grow! : )

Your donation goes to support the core mission of: Fair Wisconsin Education Fund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit The Fair Wisconsin Education Fund (FWEF) aims to educate the public about the consequences of anti-LGBT discrimination and foster civic engagement around…Read More

Please Continue to Support My Cause!

Without your help the cause cannot grow and change cannot be made. Please take the time to invite your friends and family to my cause, and I will keep you posted on anything new going on regarding the repeal of Wisconsin's gay marriage ban. Thank you very…Read More

Thank You Everyone!

A big THANK YOU to all who have joined a most worthy cause for equality! Please do not forget to invite your friends, and spread the good word about this group. We can only grow in numbers as much as you all can help out. Thanks again, and keep an eye out for…Read More

Letter from Senator Russ Feingold with PDF File

Dear Mr. Schmeckpeper, Thank you for contacting me regarding same-sex marriage. I appreciate hearing from you. As you know, the voters of Wisconsin voted on a proposed amendment to the Wisconsin state constitution that would define marriage on November 7,…Read More


I had a nice round of "Pass the Buck" when I contacted my legislators regarding the introduction of a bill to repeal the gay marriage ban in Wisconsin. The fight is far from over! If Iowa can pass the legislation then so can Wisconsin. Let us hope and pray…Read More

Ron Kind's Typical Response

Here is the response I received from Ron Kind regarding the introduction of a bill by Wisconsin's Congress to repeal at least the ban on civil unions part of Bill SJR53, otherwise known as the Ban on Same-Sex Marriage. As usual, he takes the low road to any…Read More
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