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The state shorted K-12 public schools for four straight years. Superior Court Judge requires state to adjust base level funding to reflect inflationary increases. Your vote matters more so than ever for the upcoming AUGUST 26th PRIMARY. You can help elect state reps who will protect and properly fund K-12 classrooms in Arizona. Make your vote count. Do your homework and choose candidates wisely before mailing in your early ballot in late July/early August OR before choosing to vote at the polls for this OPEN primary on AUGUST 26! Did you know that independents, the largest number of eligible voters, can vote in the AUGUST 26th primary and must declare a party preference? Contact your county's recorder office to learn more on how independents vote in the AUGUST 26 open state primary in Arizona.

By electing representatives who shortchange the students, those who are eligible to vote but fail to vote as well as those eligible to vote who actually vote in the state primary but elect non-supporters of K-12 funding are ultimately to blame. Please register to vote if you have not already done so. Who we elect for Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction matters.

“This is a significant mark in time for Arizona public education as it restores funding to a level that reflects five lost years of inflationary increases,” said Tim Ogle, executive director of the Arizona School Boards Association. “Today’s ruling also is a directive that the law can’t be ignored and that our students and teachers won’t lose any more ground.” - See more at:


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